ISF Services
The ISF Services Company Limited designs and provides five core programs that support student learning at The ISF Pre-School and The ISF Academy. Through Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Experiential Learning Program (ELP), Sports Teams, Summer School and Pre-school Playgroups, students develop personalities, enrich learning skills and acquire proficiency beyond the classroom curriculum.
Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
CCA is an integral part of school life framed around the school’s core values The Eight Virtues + One. CCA brings together the ISF community in a rich variety of activities that are conducted to instill wholesome attitudes, good human relationships, knowledge and skills in students.
Experiential Learning Program (ELP)
ELP is a cornerstone of learning. It crafts an impactful and memorable pathway for students to enhance authentic skills. We believe there is no age or geographical barrier to experiential learning. It is a lifelong lesson connecting past and future experiences.
Sports Teams
Representing ISF, Sports Teams require students to demonstrate the core values of The Eight Virtues + One, whilst providing unique challenges to develop a particular athletic skill set. We are proud and grateful that our student-athletes emerge as positive role models, leading by example and embracing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Ultimately, these experiences will be of significant benefit and impact on our student-athletes as they grow into well-rounded adults and leaders.
Summer School
Summer School fills the summer holidays with a robust and challenging range of experiential and academic programs to develop skills and character.
Pre-school Playgroups
Inquiry-based and thematic Pre-school Playgroups are offered at The ISF Pre-School for non-ISF students and age appropriate children.

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